• Resque Vapour Rub

30ml: helps you to breathe easily, when colds, flu and other niggles cause breathing problems, especially if suffering with a blocked nose. Just rub it onto your chest before bedtime and breathe.......

Other extraordinary uses: Mosquito repellent - apply small dabs to your skin and clothes to keep mosquitoes away. If bitten, apply to the area and cover with a plaster to relieve itching. Cracked Heels - rub onto feet before bedtime, cover with socks until the morning. Sore Muscles - massage into sore muscles or on throat for relief of a sore throat. The menthol and camphor will in turn assist in improving blood circulation. Nail Fungus - rub onto toenails with suspected fungus. The nail will turn dark as it kills the fungus. The dark colour will fade as the nail grows. Cold sores - rub a little onto the area when you feel one coming on. Ear ache - apply a small amount to a cotton wool ball and place in ear to feel relief from pain. Headaches - rub a small amount on your temples and forehead to instantly feel relief from pain. Pet urine and scratching detergent - put an open jar of vapour rub in the area your pet likes to mark their territory. The smell will discourage them from lifting their legs and wetting your rug.

Key Ingredients                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Menthol - acts as an anti-irritant and leaves skin feeling tingly and cool.                                                                                             

Camphor - alleviates dry skin, has anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties.                                                                                 

Green Rooibos extract - anti-irritant, helps soothe stressed skin.                                                                                                          

Pine Oil - reduces inflammation, protects against sinus infection, clears mucuos and phelgm, helps heal skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis and helps fight fungal and viral infections.                                                                                                                

Eucalyptus Oil - proven to be anti-bacterial and anti-viral. Assists in relieving rheumatism, arthritis and other types of pain.

Phenol - when applied to the skin in small amounts it acts as an antiseptic killing germs.                                                           

Grapeseed Oil - has excellent anti-oxidant properties to help protect skin from oxidative stress.

WARNING: The camphor in this vapour rub can cause seizures or other side effects if ingested, so always keep out of children's reach and away from a child's face, including directly under their nostrils.


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Resque Vapour Rub

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