• Resque Hypochlorous Sanitizing Spray

500ml: A safe, effective eco-friendly sanitizer and disinfectant against bacteria and viruses and any harmful pathogens.  Hypochlorous exists inside the human body, produced by white blood cells, specifically to kill invasive organisms and to fight infection. Hypochlorous acid (HOCI) is made by running electricity (electrolysis) through water and salt. Used for treating wounds since World War 11. It works by disrupting the outer membrane of a virus or bacterium and the deactivating it from the inside.

Free of fragrances, alcohol. Safe to spray on food and surfaces and does not affect the taste, colour or appearance of anything you spray it on. Non-toxic and non-corrosive on wood or fragile surfaces. Safe for use around children, pets and food.

Directions for use: Spray on hands, door handles, counter, food, grocery shopping and any other surface as often as required especially effective for high touch areas.


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Resque Hypochlorous Sanitizing Spray

  • Product Code:Resque Hypochlorous Sanitizing Spray, 500ml
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