• Resque Essential Roller set -  Calm, Uplift, Focus

3 x 10ml: Roller bottles containing blends of natural and aromatic essential oils to help CALM stress, UPLIFT moods and FOCUS concentration on tasks at hand and help memory. Green Rooibos adds antioxidant and anti-allergenic properties.

CALM contains Rosewood oil, Lavender Oil, Pelargonium Oil, Sandalwood and Green Rooibos extract. Helps children during exams.

UPLIFT contains Sweet orange, grapefruit and lemongrass oils and Green rooibos extract to help soothe anxiety and increase positivity during times of day-to-day stress, deadlines and traffic when mood needs lifting.

FOCUS contains Rosemary to stimulate the mind, Gotu Kola to support memory function and Ginseng to help improve all round memory function. Also Green Rooibos extract.

APPLY Roller oils to the feet, back of neck, chest, temples or wrists to alleviate symptoms naturally

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Resque Essential Roller set - Calm, Uplift, Focus

  • Product Code: Resque Essential Roller set - Calm, Uplift, Focus
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  • R259.00


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