• Forever Young Anti-Photoageing Sheet Masque

25ml: A powerful anti-ageing treatment to unmask your beauty. This revolutionary and innovative sheet masque is a pre-cut, bio-degradable fabric that has been infused with Ice Plant extract and Green Rooibos extract. Ice plant, native to Africa, is effective in reversing environmental damage to skin caused by UVA and UVB rays, pollution and gravity and  Green Rooibos for anti-ageing and antioxidants to instantly plump up your skin. A moisture replenishing formula for rapid and effective penetration and quick improvement of skin's elasticity, collagen, wrinkles and fine lines. An experience to remember and want to relive!

Simply apply the pre-cut masque and wear for approximately 20 minutes. This sheet masque improves skin elasticity, aids photoaged skin by improving the look and appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, discolouration (uneven-skin tone), dullness, and roughness caused by the reduction of collagen. This active ingredient further provides rapid reproduction of connective tissue promoting skin renewal, and allowing more optimal and effective absorption of subsequent skincare treatment.

The Forever Young Anti-Photoageing Sheet Masque is an effective treatment because as it adheres to your skin, the active ingredients which have been infused into the sheet masque is transferred to your skin allowing them to penetrate the skin. 

The sheet from the masque also helps to prevent the active ingredients from evaporating while the treatment is in progress.  A 20 minute masque application used at least twice a week will leave your skin with a softer, smoother, hydrated and rejuvenated appearance. No need to remove. Follow with Forever Young Revitalising cream and  Annique moisturiser suited to your skin type.

 This non-irritating masque aids in rehydrating your skin, while locking in moisture.

Recommended for:

       Mature skin

       Wrinkles and fine lines

       Sun damaged skin

       Dull and lifeless skin

       Skin exposed to environmental factors


       Take off the outer layer of non-woven paper and discard it.

       Apply the masque on your face. Use fingers to gently press the masque to ensure it fits perfectly onto the skin.

       Leave the masque on for 15-20 minutes and then remove it.

       Gently massage any remaining serum until fully absorbed. There is no need to rinse your skin after application. Proceed with your regular skin care routine.

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Forever Young Anti-Photoageing Sheet Masque

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